Federal Student Loan Forgiveness: The Hope and the Reality

Federal student Loan forgiveness has always been an important issue – and resource - for many students, but the issue is particularly salient today. Unless action is taken by Congress, interest rates on Federal Stafford Loans is set to double on July 1st of 2012 – from 3.4% to 6.8%. Regardless of whether or not the increase takes place, federal debt forgiveness programs will continue to be important for those students pursuing service professions.

Would the government really garish social security check for student loan debt?

Check out this Q&A on student loan debt and senior citizens.
A new Government Accountability Office (GAO) report being released today says that student loan debt is on the rise among seniors. If you think we all have trouble paying out student loan debt, imagine if you are a senior. Student debt is so rampant that is starting haunt our senior citizens. This type of debt for senior citizens is growing fast.

Let this be a warning about the impact college debt can have on your life. You do not want this problem when you are living on your retirement.

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